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Golconda, Nevada

Posted by graywacke on December 5, 2008

First Time Readers:  Check out “About Landings”, above, or you’ll be totally confused by the following:


Dan –  This was my third landing close to the same little western town.  So, I figured, what the heck, I’ll just repeat my email to you from January 12, 2008 (with updated numbers shown in parentheses):


Dan –  Egads, man!  Yet another WB OSer:  NV; 53/48 (59/57); 2/10 (4/10); 11 (2); 182.4 (167.20).  For an astounding 6th (7th) time, my watershed entry was ut; Humboldt R; Humboldt Lake; Internal.   I landed near a strange-sounding town name:  Golconda.  It has its own exit on I-80. 


 Golconda is a town in the state of Nevada, USA, named after the ancient diamond-mining center of Golkonda in India. It’s located in Humboldt County along Interstate 80 in the northwestern part of the state, just east of the city of Winnemucca; Golconda Summit is a pass through the mountain range just east of Golconda. It also has a post office, Golconda Post Office.  Location of an episode of “Criminal Minds



So, moving right along to this post:  Here’s a map showing my landing location:


Golconda, NV

And, here’s a nice picture of the area with the photographer’s caption:


Looking north from the knoll toward the town of Golconda

Wow.  Golconda has this very cool old school house:

Golconda School

And here’s a shot of contemporary Golconda:


 Definately reminds me of yesterday’s landing (Orogrande NV) . . .

And here are two videos I highly recommend.  The first is a very brief study of the three alignments of U.S. Rt 40 near Golconda:


The second is a train passing through Golconda (make sure you have your volume turned well up).  I really like this video; shut out all distractions and just be in the moment when you watch it.









3 Responses to “Golconda, Nevada”

  1. spagettilady said

    Okay, U R getting closer to where I live, that is scary, Jr said said you did land near Lodi once but could not remember where. I saw a real old school house once in a place called Ghostown in Stockton Ca, Ghostown had the smallest post office too and a hotel that was used in a western movie.

    Happy Landings!!!

  2. spagettilady said

    Okay I typed the word said twice, isn’t there an edit button somewhere? Why did the time say 4:28 when it was about 8:30am, just wondering. Apparently I need a LIFE 2!

  3. graywacke said

    Spagetti: Yea, I do remember landing in the general Lodi area, but I don’t remember any specifics. So is Ghostown a real town or just a fake tourist attraction?

    I didn’t even notice “said said” until you pointed pointed it out . . .

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