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Long Lake & Leola South Dakota

Posted by graywacke on January 23, 2009

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Dan –  OK, OK, so five in a row would be a little much.  So what the heck, why not a good ol’ solid WBer?  Well, how about . . . SD; 44/41; 4/10; 3; 165.6.  I landed in yet another Willow Creek watershed (my 12th); on to a new river, the Elm; on to the James (15th hit); on to the Missouri.

I landed between Long Lake (pop 60) and Leola (pop 461).  Here’s a map:


Here’s a broader view:


Well, it turns out that Long Lake is pretty much GD.  But Leola, now that’s another story.  I’ll start with a “Welcome to Leola” sign:


And move on to the Leola water tower:


Leola was founded in 1884 and named for Leola Haynes, the daughter of the surveyor (Captain E. D. Haynes) who first figured out what was where here in N-Cen SD.  Anyway, here’s a cool shot of the Leola School, back in the day:


Here’s a shot of a very cool Depression-era guy in the Leola CCC camp (one Richard Bender, who I think probably knew he was cool):


So, you may have noticed that Leola is the “Rhubarb Capital of the World.”  Well, check this very cool, up-scale logo:


From the Rhubarb Days website:

Every two years during the month of June, the little yet humble town of Leola, SD has a festival, which is otherwise known as Rhubarb Days. Leola is known as the “Rhubarb Capital of the World” and therefore the town holds a bi-annual festival to celebrate this interesting fruit. Events during this festival include crowning the new “Rhubarb Queen.” This festval also offers a variety of rhubarb cuisine and activities and events that are enjoyable for the entire family. This year’s festival will take place June 2nd, 2007.

I’d rank a trip to Rhubarb Days pretty high up on my vaguely-imagined High Plains Landing Site Tour . . .



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