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Opheim, Montana (revisited)

Posted by graywacke on July 6, 2010

Dan –  Every once in a while, I get a wonderful comment from a reader, and I feel compelled to feature the comment as its own post.  Well, back on March 29, 2009, I landed near Opheim, Montana.  Opheim is right up on the Canadian border in Northeast MT.

A gentleman by the name of Ben Witte evidently stumbled on my post.  He posted this comment a couple of days ago:

“I first ran across Opheim MT when I was trucking yearlings off the northern plains back to Iowa and Nebraska.  There is some kind of romance about the town, some mystery – as well as lots of history.  If you ever have a chance to drive through the town of Opheim stop in at the post office and they have a book, about 5” thick of pictures and history of the town.  It’s very interesting to read.

“Opheim is a dying town and someday will be a ghost town.  A town where fairs and rodeos were held is now a town of abandoned houses with an old railroad bed laying under the prairie grass.  You can almost hear the blow of the whistle of the train coming up from Glentana.  You need to have a good appreciation of history to enjoy Opheim; if not, you’ll just wish it burned to the ground and was nothing but a stop sign on the road.”

Comments like this help make my whole enterprise worthwhile . . .



2 Responses to “Opheim, Montana (revisited)”

  1. Spagets said

    So, comments from daily readers aren’t important enough to Ya Gramps? I would feel insulted but I’ve met U in person!!

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