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Pie Town, New Mexico (Revisited)

Posted by graywacke on July 25, 2017

Landing number 2358 (revisited); A Landing A Day blog post number 790.

Dan:  My previous landing (Quemado, Pie Town & Datil, New Mexico) requires a significant update!

In that post, I mentioned that I ordered a tee shirt from the Pieoneer (on Pieoneer.com):

I love the shirt!  It’s a little more purple than blue (the website calls it lavender) and it feels great.  (In fact, I have it on as I’m typing this post.)  But the big story on Action News is the personal note that I received:

Pie Lady of Pie Town is an award-winning short documentary film about one Kathy Knapp, the proprietor and baker from the Pieoneer.  And she signed my note!

Of course, I went to pieladyofpietown.com to check out the film.  Here’s a graphic showing just some of the awards the film has won:

Here’s their brief write-up on the film:

Kathy Knapp, once a happy, comfortable Dallas wife and business partner, ended up baking pies in a town with no traffic light, no gas station and sketchy utilities.

The Pie Lady of Pie Town is a 29 minute documentary, directed by Jane Rosemont about how Kathy’s new life has brought boundless rewards as well as deep hearthache.

It is an uplifting story of passion and perseverance. The characters in this town, straight out of the Old West, are a backdrop for her personal story.

The trailer is great!  It gives you a great feel for Pie Town (and even briefly features the Very Large Array).  Here’s the opening shot:

Certainly ties in with my new tee shirt!

You absolutely must check out the trailer.  Click HERE.

And yes, you can order the DVD.  Signing off from Pie Town –

That’ll do it . . .




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