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Martin, South Dakota

Posted by graywacke on September 11, 2017

First timer?  In this formerly once-a-day blog (and now pretty much a once-every-four-or-five days blog), I use an app that provides a random latitude and longitude that puts me somewhere in the continental United States (the lower 48).  I call this “landing.”

I keep track of the watersheds I land in, as well as the town or towns I land near.  I do some internet research to hopefully find something of interest about my landing location. 

To find out more about A Landing A Day (like who “Dan” is) please see “About Landing” above.  To check out some recent changes in how I do things, check out “About Landing (Revisited).”

Landing number 2365; A Landing A Day blog post number 797.

Dan:  Today’s lat/long (43o13.362’N, 101o 31.837’W) puts me in S-Cen South Dakota:

My local map shows that I landed among the towns Vetal, Patricia, Tuthill and titular Martin:

My streams-only map shows that I landed in the watershed of the Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek; on to the White River (11th hit); on to the Missouri (423rd hit):

Of course, the Missouri says hello to the MM (918th hit).

As customary, my Google Earth (GE) pin-drop can be checked out by clicking HERE.

I have pretty good Street View coverage:

Here’s what the Orange Dude sees:

By the way, the terrible photo quality has been present ever since Google Earth upgraded itself to Google Earth Pro on my computer – that’s right, unbeknownst to me (not at my direction) – one day Google Earth “upgraded” to Pro.  And then, strangely, the Street View quality went down the tubes.  I’ll be working on a fix . . .

We can get a look at Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek about 25 miles NW of my landing:

And here ‘tis:

See the white terrain on the map above the Street View shot?  That’s the southern portions of the famous South Dakota badlands.  I put the Orange Dude next to some of that white terrain not far from the creek, and here’s what he sees:

Before moving on, just a quick word about Bear-in-the-Lodge Creek.  Not surprisingly, Wiki says that the name came from an incident at an Indian village along the creek when (and you’ll never guess this) – a bear wandered into the lodge.

So, it’s time for Martin.  Just so you know, Vetal, Patricia and Tuthill hardly exist, and are totally hookless.  That leaves Martin (pop about 1,000), the county seat of Bennett County.  As you’ll see, Martin is perilously close to being hookless as well.

The Wiki entry is truly uninspired:

Martin was laid out in 1911.  The city was named for Eben Martin, a U.S. Representative from South Dakota.

[And now it gets real interesting.]

One of the highways that runs through the town is U.S. Route 18, in an east-west direction. SD Route 73 runs north into the town and makes a T-intersection with U.S. 18.  State Highway 73 turns into Hisle Road after the T-intersection.

That’s it.  And where, one wonders, is my hook.  Fasten your seat belts!

I came across this nothing little news story about Martin (June 2016):

MARTIN, SD (KOTA-TV, Rapid City) News release from the Martin Police Department:

The Martin Police Department has activated the EOC “Emergency Operations Center”, as a direct result of an on-going criminal investigation with in the City of Martin. The incident Commander is Martin Police Chief Thomas Jeans.

This incident is named Operation Full Moon. The EOC provides Incident Command Structure and Management of the full incident. The EOC also manages resources and personnel.

“Tension between two separate groups has resulted in at least five aggravated assaults, creating a safety issue for the residents in the city limits of Martin”, stated Martin Police Chief Thomas Jeans.

Jeans has requested assistance from multiple law enforcement agencies to help protect citizens and try to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution.

Normally, I would ignore such a story – thinking that this might involve gang violence, something I would never blog about.  But digging a little deeper, I found another June 2016 story on KELOLAND (media out of Sioux City):

Feuding Families Cause Curfew In Martin, SD

Oh my!  A family feud!  Now there’s something I can blog about!  Check out the map (with the hand cuffs) that KELOLAND included:

Here’s the article:

An argument between two families in Martin, South Dakota led to law enforcement enforcing a curfew early Wednesday morning.

Authorities say the two families and some of their friends got into a fight, leading to twelve arrests. Police are still looking for one more suspects.

Martin’s police chief says several people were taken to the hospital and released.

[Sounds like black eyes and bloody lips . . .]

He says there was a string of assaults involving several dozen people using baseball bats, boards, and metal objects. Once the curfew was put in place, the tension in town did settle down.

[Oh my!  Baseball bats!  Two by fours!  Hunks of metal!  The Hatfields and McCoys really don’t like each other!]

The city of Martin only has four full time officers, so supporting law enforcement from the county to federal levels were called in to help.

[They brought in the Feds!]

So – it’s not really funny, but I was desperate for a hook.  Martin is a tiny town, and one can only imagine how the gossip flowed at the local café.

Hmmm.  Local café.  Where’s that?  Well, of all places, it turns out that the local café is the Martin Livestock Auction Company.  Now wait a minute – a livestock auction company is also the local café?  Here’s a screen shot of the upper half of the home page.  There, under the cattle picture, is a plug for the restaurant:

And a little better look at the restaurant part of the website:

At first, I was wondering about the “small portions” blurb.  But then I realized that small portions are “available” – and I can only assume that large portions are standard.  Come get your mini corn dogs & fried green beans!

But the real business of the establishment is auctioning cattle.  Here’s a screen shot showing just a little of the upcoming action:

I actually spent a little time trying to decipher the abbreviations, but gave up.

It’s time to close out this nearly hookless post with a couple of GE Panoramio shots.  Since the badlands got mentioned, I’ll post this cool badlands shot, from about 30 miles north of my landing (by ThePhotoRun.com):

The closest Pano shot was this of a truly magnificent beast, taken about 10 miles west (by Luckfully):

That’ll do it . . .




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