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2. Abbreviations

Here’s a list of abbreviations that I use in my emails to Dan:

OS = Over-Subscribed

US = Under-Subscribed  (if I’m referring to the United States, I’ll say U.S.)

PS = Perfectly-Subscribed

LG = Landing God (the tongue-in-cheek deity that “controls” where I land)

GD = Google-Deprived (when a town is so small that Google has nothing or next-to-    nothing of interest about the town)

GE = Google Earth image

KS = Keep Smiling (my sign-off)

MM = the Mighty Mississippi

PO = Pacific Ocean

AO = Atlantic Ocean

G of M = Gulf of Mexico

R = River

Ck = Creek

Fk = Fork

Br = Branch

N,S,E,W = Cardinal directions

lat/long = Latitude & Longitude

For more information, see “About Landing.”

4 Responses to “2. Abbreviations”

  1. jode said


  2. Leila said

    Does ily mean I LOVE YOU?

    You should add it to your abbreviation list because I sat here for a handful of minutes trying to figure it out. Luckily my quick wit was right there to back me up.

    I am very impressed at what you have created here and you are hands down the coolest dork I know.

    Rian says “ily”…..

  3. Frank Sentner said

    You need to make it easier for people to subscribe to your blog!

  4. Cheryl said

    You need more visibility. You are such a creative, wonderful nerd!!!!
    C Nash

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