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Yellow Pine, Idaho

Posted by graywacke on November 28, 2008

Note:  This entry is a couple of days old (it’s my 11/25/08 landing).  I only do one landing per day, but thought I’d start with this one.  I’ll be catching up soon.  Read “About Landing” to figure out what this is all about . . .


Dan –  So, I looked at the lat/long – N45, W115 – and I thought:  “damn, a WBer.”  But then, I had a glimmer of hope (typically dashed in similar situations) that it could be ID.  But then, it was  . . . ID; 36/43; 3/10; 7; 166.3. 


 I landed in the Middle Fk of the Salmon R watershed (4th hit), on to the Salmon (10th hit), to the Snake (56th) to the Columbia (92nd). 


 I landed near Yellow Pine, home of the famous Yellow Pine Harmonica Fest.


 So Dan, if the above sounds familiar (especially the part about the Yellow Pine Harmonica Fest), it’s because I cut-and-pasted my 2/18/08 email to you, and only changed the numbers as appropriate.  I landed a mere 3.5 miles away from my February landing.


 But here’s the big story on Action News:  As reported in February of 2008, the 2007 Yellow Pine Harmonica Fest was canceled at the last minute due to supposed “fire code violations.”   But the Fest is back!!  The 2008 festival was held in August, and was a roaring success!!


 Harmonica Fest 2008/9

A summer music festival hidden in the backwoods… 


Yellow Pine

Idaho – USA,


Population 40








 …Everyone is getting into the act!


 20th! Annual Yellow Pine

Harmonica Contest & Festival


Aug. 7
th, 8th, 9th, 2009              Make your plans to attend now!!











  This is a picture of Harmonica Fest 2008.  Wow!  Look at the crowds!  They actually close down Main Street for three days!! 


 From the same website, this about the Village of Yellow Pine:


 The village of Yellow Pine is high in the Idaho mountains (alt. 4,765 ft), 150 miles north of Boise, surrounded by national forests… and is known as the “Gateway to the Central Idaho Wilderness Area.”  You’ll see dirt streets, a real live “little red schoolhouse” (fondly known as The University of Yellow Pine), a wooded RV park, rustic cabins, country store, hotel, gas pumps, three tavern/cafes, and the Community Hall and Fire Hall. 


 The Pioneer Cemetery (which contains many historic grave stones) is in the forest near the Yellow Pine campground, about 1/4 mile from town. 


  cemetery sign


I love that “Dead End Road” has equal billing to the cemetery. 

If there’s a fire in Yellow Pine, don’t worry, this fine fire truck will be zooming to the scene:












 Yellow Pine's only firetruck??



Here’s a nice shot of Main St. looking in the opposite direction than the crowd shot above (and, obviously, when there’s no Harmonica Fest going on.



Main St.






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