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Tunnelton, West Virginia

Posted by graywacke on November 30, 2008

Dan –  After a string of WBers (interrupted only by ID), I finally landed back East.  But to no avail, as I landed in a PS state that has now joined OS-land . . . WV; 14/13; 2/10; 10; 167.8.

But, two new rivers!  The Tygart Valley R, on to the Mongahela, which, as I’m sure you know, joins up with the Allegheny in downtown Pittsburgh to form the Ohio (98th hit).

I also liked the series of creek watersheds I landed in:  The Left Fork of the LIttle Sandy Ck, which joins up with the Right Fork of the Little Sandy Ck to form (what else?) Little Sandy Ck; which flows into (what else?) Sandy Ck.  Sandy Ck then flows into the Tygart Valley R.  Although all rivers are masters of their own valleys, this is the first river watershed I’ve landed in that actually has “valley” in its name.

Here’s a picture of the Tygart Valley river at Moatsvlle, near where the Sandy Ck joins the River:

Tygart Valley River

I landed just south of Tunnelton (2000 pop 536).  From WVExp.com:

A community in Preston County, incorporated in 1807. So named because of its location at the eastern end of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) tunnel at the point, then the longest tunnel in the world. Tunnelton was formerly known as Cassady’s Summit.
Tunnelton was built on land acquired by Hon. Jame C. McGrew who, perceiving the advantageous position, built the first house and the first store which furnished the nucleus for the future town. It was largely supported at first by timber and lumber industry, to which was added a large tannery in 1858. Later Mr. McGrew, after opening mines and constructing tramways and other structures, began to mine and ship coal to supply the increasing demand in eastern cites; but he was forced to abandon his enterprises by a discirmination in freight rates in favor of other mines farther west in which the railroad officials were interested. The first post office immediately followed the opening of the railroad.



Oh my!  The longest tunnel in the world!!  And then, poor Mr. McGrew got McScrewed by the railroads.  Here’s a picture of the tunnel (called the Kingwood Tunnel), which was bored in 1852 and abandoned and sealed in 1950.  (So, this tunnel died the year I was born.  Yet another interesting 1950 occurrence:  the name of the Tygart River was changed to the Tygart Valley River!)

Kingwood Tunnel

Here’s a poster produced back in the day . . .

Cool Old Poster

Here’s the only picture I could find of Tunnelton proper:


So, the brick building used to be a . . . bank?



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