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Pickens, Mississippi

Posted by graywacke on January 25, 2009

Never been here before?  Check out “About Landing,” above.


Dan –  A good way to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth brought on by three OSers in a row is to land in the US-friendly Southeast.  That’s right – all of the southeast states are US:  AL (20/28), MS (24/26), GA (24/32), FL (23/35), LA (26/27) and SC (15/17).

 Today’s landing is in one of those that’s headed towards PS-land . . . MS; 25/26; 5/10; 6; 166.0.

Man, still hanging out in the mid 160’s.  Here’s a graphic from my landing spreadsheet showing the Score for my last 200 landings:


As you can see, I’ve been pretty much treading water the last 80 or so landings.  I wonder when the LG will see fit to get that Score down to 160.  We’ll see . . .

Back to the landing.  I landed in the Dry Ck watershed (my 13th landing in a watershed drained by a stream named “Dry Creek”; my 18th stream with the word “dry” in its name); on to the Big Cypress Ck (my 59th stream with the word “big” in its name); on to the Big Black R (4th hit); on to the MM.

I landed between the towns of Pickens, Midway, Ebenezer and Goodman (closest to Pickens).  I’m east of Highway 61 (remember my Como MS landing with the song by Mississippi Fred McDowell), but just about exactly 100 miles due south of that landing.  Here’s a map (oops – Midway is just off the map to the west):


Here’s a broader map view:


I fear that this is a GD area –  I could find nothing much in Google about any of these towns.  The one exception is the fact that like Como, this landing has a famous blues musician, one Elmore James.  Elmore was born in Richland, which is between Ebeneezer and Goodman.  He was born in Richland in 1918 and died of a heart attack in Chicago in 1963, at the age of 45.  I suspect he led a hard life.  Anyway, you can pick out his home town of Richland on the landing map.

Like Mississippi Fred, Elmore had a great influence on rock and roll musicians (and like Fred, Elmore was a slide guitar bluesman).  His songs were covered by the Allman Brothers and Jimi Hendrix, and he has been mentioned by the following artists as an inspiration to their music:  B.B. King, Eric Clapton, John Mayall and George Thorogood. 

As is my custom, I’ll provide a YouTube link for you to enjoy his music first hand.  I’ve picked “It Hurts Me Too,” a classic blues song about unrequited love.  I’ve now listened to this song three times, and I really like it.


As is also my custom, here are the words so you can follow along.  (Dan, as you know, one can hit ctrl+the link, and it’ll open up another window, allowing you to listen and read the words at the same time.)

It Hurts Me Too

You said you was hurtin, you almost lost your mind.
Now, the man you love, he hurt you all the time.
But, when things go wrong, oh, wrong with you,
It hurts me too.

You’ll love him more when you should love him less.
Why lick up behind him and take his mess?
But, when things go wrong, whoa, wrong with you,
It hurts me too.

He love another woman, yes, I love you,
But, you love him and stick to him like glue.
When things go wrong, oh, wrong with you,
It hurts me too.

Now, he better leave you or you better put him down.
No, I won’t stand to see you pushed around.
But, when things go wrong, oh, wrong with you,
It hurts me too.

Here’s a picture of Elmore:


Here’s a picture of his gravestone:


And, just to round things out, here’s a picture of an old kudzu-threatened garage in Midway:





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