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Prairie City, Oregon

Posted by graywacke on March 12, 2010

First timer?  In this formerly once-a-day blog (now pretty much an every-other-day blog), I have my computer select a random latitude and longitude that puts me somewhere in the continental United States (the lower 48).  I call this “landing.”  I keep track of the watersheds I land in, as well as the town I land near.  I do some internet research to hopefully find something of interest about my landing location.  To find out more about A Landing A Day (like who “Dan” is and what the various numbers and abbreviations mean), please see “About Landing,” (and “Abbreviations” and “Cryptic Numbers”) above.

Dan –  Still diddling around in the 152s with my latest OSer . . . OR; 68/60; 4/10; 4; 152.8.  Here’s my landing map, showing my proximity to Prairie City and the John Day River.

Here’s my broader view:

Obviously, I landed in the John Day R watershed (7th hit); on to the Columbia (132nd hit).  Quick quiz, Dan:  Where does the Columbia rank on my rivers hits list?  OK, OK, the first two are easy:  The Mighty Mississip (736), followed by the Missouri (345).  Now, is number 3 the Columbia?  Or the Colorado?  Or the Ohio?  And the answer is:  Colorado (148) followed by the Columbia (132) and then the Ohio (118).

Here’s my GE shot, looking past my landing towards the John Day River valley.

This, from the Prairie City town website:

In 1862 a group of gold miners camped along a stream, now called Dixie Creek. A gravel bed in the stream made a nice place for the women to wash clothes. As the story goes, these ladies began seeing gold in the gravel bar as they washed their clothing. Another “gold strike” in Grant County was made!

This gold discovery was about three and one half miles above the present location of the town of Prairie City, which was called Dixie.

As the gold began to “play out”, the town slowly began to migrate toward the “prairie”. The fertile John Day River bottom drew settlers to form a permanent town and these settlers began making their livings from the surrounding abundant timber and also by ranching and farming.

The first Post Office was established in 1870 and Prairie City was incorporated in 1891.

Here’s a picture of the former Prairie City train station (now a museum):

Sorry, Prairie City, but I couldn’t find an interesting hook.  However, you are located in a beautiful area, near the Strawberry Mountains (S of Prairie City, W of my landing).  Here’s Strawberry Lake:

And this shot, of the Strawberry Mountains:

I’ll close with this shot along Rt 26 just east of Prairie City, that reminds us all that this ain’t Jersey . . .

That’ll do it. . .



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